It seems to me that everyone I know has been impacted by the “I’m not enough” disease.  Me included.  And how can we not be?  It’s everywhere.  Books, magazines, tv, programs, the internet, self-help gurus, and an 11 billion dollar industry devoted to it.  It’s exhausting.  And wrong.

You are enough.  You are living your purpose. You are on the “right” track – you always have been, and always will be, regardless of days that feel like you’re going in circles, or the road is ultra bumpy.  We all are.  That’s how it works. Experience is required in life.  Good and not so good.

I don’t want to sell you on why you can’t live a meaningful life without knowing your purpose.  I don’t want to bombard you with the messages that “with this program, your life will be changed forever”, you’ll figure it out, get what you’ve always wanted, finally be enough.  I don’t want to get in your head, use slick, but heartfelt, marketing techniques, convince you of anything, find the problem you need solved or figure out what keeps you up at night. We are so inundated with messages of more, bigger, better, happier, different.  I don’t want to do that.

I just want to read your hands.

Why?  Because they hold your Personal Life Map.  Your Soul’s Intention.  And your Owner’s Manual.  Everything you need to know about your life’s journey.

baby hand close up:text

Parents always say that they wished their kids came with instructions.  They do.  We all do.  Most of us just don’t know how to read them.  Think about it.  Look at your hands for a second – please – palm side up.  What do you see?  Random lines?  Long fingers?  Little hands?  Big thumbs?  Nothing special.  What about your fingerprints? Unique to you of course, but so what?

You know what I see?  You.  You – as you came into this world.  You – changed and impacted by life’s experiences. You – the real you.

Again, so what?

Most of us, self help industry notwithstanding, are dissatisfied with some aspect of our lives, or have questions about who we are.  And so we look for answers and solutions.  Usually outside ourselves.

That’s not the best place to start looking.  Not when the answers are literally in your hands.  And when you realize the magnitude of that, and what insights and clarity you have access to, it’s truly jaw-dropping.  And such a relief.

But maybe you have a few reservations, like…

It sounds like hokey, new age stuff.    It does sound unbelievable doesn’t it?  And images of smoky, purple velvet booths don’t help. Let’s clear that up.  Scientific Hand Analysis isn’t palmistry.  Not even close.  No predictions, no fortune telling.  Just facts. Proven out over 20 years and hundreds of thousands of people who’ve confirmed it’s accuracy. (By the way, the lines in your palms represent the wiring in your brain.)  You may want to check out this recent article from Forbes regarding the impact of hand analysis in the corporate world.

I’m a DIYer.  Me too.  Why would I see you?  Because I can connect the dots for you.  As simple as it is, grasping and integrating it is easier with some guidance.  And it’s my purpose on the planet to remind you who you are, show you how to understand and use your own map, and most of all, to inspire you to enjoy your journey, with all of it’s ups and downs. (Yes, I know that from my hands.)  Also, I have a whole lot of relevant training that will help make sense of it all, and then truly integrate it into your life.

I’m not sure what I’ll get out of it.    I totally get that.  Choosing, wisely, where to spend our time, energy and money is important.  So I have a suggestion for you.  Try it.  Send me a picture of your palms, then spend 20 minutes on the phone or Skype with me, and see for yourself.  No strings, no cost, just insight and a chance to learn a little about yourself from your hands.

Click here to get started with a Selfie Session.  Your hands have lots to tell!   Ahas are guaranteed.