No two hands and sets of fingerprints are the same.  Have you ever wondered about what yours might say about you?  There’s a roadmap to living your best life that is literally right in your hands


Never heard of Hand Analysis and intrigued but skeptical? You’re not alone! Here are some of the common questions and misconceptions…

The “Selfie” Session

Dip your toe in. See whether it resonates – and whether this is an approach you want to take to answer the questions about yourself and your life that you want – and need – answered.

Decidedly Happy

Decidedly Happy

It’s a process that has sprung from the synchronicities of hand analysis, positive psychology, and graphic facilitation. Quite the mix.  And it works beautifully. It’s the perfect combination of insight, positive psychology tools and practices, and visual, interactive worksheets that

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Client Love

Everything that you said was so insightful and really helped to assure me that my path is where I am supposed to be.


I can’t thank you enough for the new knowledge about myself that you have communicated through the hand-analysis, not to mention the undivided attention during our over an hour sessions. You are truly gifted and such an inspiring teacher. I am excited to learn more about how my ‘superpowers’ can propel me to more insights and to living my dreams….and to be learning as I go.