For most of my life I’ve done what I thought I “should” be doing.  I’ve listened to other people’s opinions of what they thought would be best for me, put other’s agendas ahead of my own, and ultimately, kind of forgot who I was and what I wanted from my life.


Like many of us I got a degree, found a job, got married, found a nice place to live, had kids and was basically pretty satisfied.  Until things changed…

After my 3rd child was born I decided to leave my job and stay home.  What a shock. I hadn’t realized, in all my busyness, that I had little idea of who I was or what I wanted.   There’s so little time to think in our 24/7 lives and in my case, as a result, life had been racing by with me just kind of hanging on for dear life.

So I started down a path of personal development that has taken me all over the place.

Which is pretty typical, I think, for those of us searching for more purpose and meaning.

I took 3 kinds of Coaching training, got certified as a Stress Management Facilitator, took courses, went to art classes and nutritionists, read endless books, and tested everything on my family!  I had coaching clients, led workshops, ran a creativity business and taught hundreds of people, several corporations, and a whole bunch of schools about wellness and stress.  I loved it all and it has served me well in giving me the skills and experience I now use in my Hand Analysis business but…

I lacked a clear path.  And I hit lots of dead ends, and spent more time, energy, and money than I would have liked to.  Or should have.

And then I had my hands read.  And I learned my Purpose (among other things). Successful Healer/Teacher in the Spotlight.

Which means that I’m here to inspire and empower others to get the results that they want in their lives.

So now my path is clear.  I have perspective and direction.  And clarity.  Making decisions and choices is so much simpler as it’s a question of “does it align with, and enhance, my Purpose or not”?

Life will always be full and complicated but knowing yourself really well makes it a whole lot easier.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”       Pablo Picasso

Here are my official “credentials”….

Hand Analysis

Two Life Prints Intensives – (loved it so much I took it twice!) with Kay Packard in 2010 and Richard Unger in 2011.
Certified Hand Analyst Training 2012Ronelle Coburn and Janet Savage
Ongoing TrainingJenna Griffiths and Richard Unger – Tuesdays with Richard


Life and Creativity Coaching

Finding coaching, stress management training and creativity helped me to figure myself out somewhat, and handle the challenges that life was throwing (blasting) at me.  It still does, ultimately allowing me to manage or resolve them as gracefully and effectively as possible.

HeartMath 1-1 Certification and Resilient Educator Certification 
Erickson College Life Coach Certification
Eric Maisel Creativity Coach Facilitation
Judith Cornell Mandala Facilitator’s Certification
Color of Woman Facilitation Certification
Artbundance Coach Certification  



I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta.  And then went to McGill University in Montreal for a BA in Modern Languages.  I also spent a semester at Salzburg University in Salzburg, Austria.  From there, I had NO idea what I wanted to do with my life, other than travel, so returned home and fell into a series of jobs that, lucky for me, I actually liked (except for the selling)!  I sold Koala Springs, sausages, pharmaceuticals, IT services, and, finally, people – as a recruiter.

I started my own wellness coaching and facilitation company, You Gotta Have Heart Inc., in 2003.    My husband, Grant, and I, and our three mostly grown kids live in North Vancouver.


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