One of my best friends has the Life Purpose of Innovator.  That means that on a “good day” she’ll be her artistic, self-expressed self, not scared into hiding by others’ opinions.  What a challenge.  Being totally yourself, experimental, out on the edge, doing things other people won’t do or haven’t even thought of yet, AND, in this world of transparency and commentary, not getting shut down by what every one else thinks.

Those with this purpose, also called the “Master of Self-Approval”, ultimately need to be comfortable with putting themselves out there, getting their feelings hurt, maybe upsetting some people in the process, and, in doing so, will eventually figure that staying true to who they really are is worth all the trouble.

When I saw this video from Advanced Style’s Ilona Smithkin, I thought “now that’s an Innovator!”  (I would love to see her fingerprints and know for sure).  Whether or not she is, she certainly has learned in her 90 years to SHOW UP as herself.  In fact, she obviously takes great pleasure in it.  I imagine that, at 90, she’s probably not too concerned with what other people think but I think it’s that she’s decided that being herself, with her style, attitude and performances, is the thing that makes her special.   And who doesn’t love a woman who makes her own eyelashes?!

Check out the rest of her equally inspiring videos here on the Advanced Style site.

Are you hiding out?
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