Since September 2016, my life has been filled with the tenets, possibilities, and exercises of Positive Psychology.  It’s not necessarily about the “smiley face” but there is no question that integrating as many of the Pos. Psych. tools as possible leads to a happy – or happier – life.

I am a firm believer that creativity is the key to any new learnings – there’s something really powerful about learning with your left brain and then letting your right brain take over and really let it in.

So, Positively Creative was born.

It will be an in-person, 4 evening series, held at my home in North Vancouver starting June 8.  A little learning, a little discussion, a lot of creative self expression and inspiration.  10 amazing, fascinating women, delicious & healthy refreshments, everything you need for the creative projects, worksheets to take home, and 3 hours of time for yourself.

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If you’d prefer, or only have time for, one or a few, here you go…