It’s a process that has sprung from the synchronicities of hand analysis, positive psychology, and graphic facilitation.

Quite the mix.  And it works beautifully.

It’s the perfect combination of insight, positive psychology tools and practices, and visual, interactive worksheets that we will fill in together, during our conversations.   It’s making a good thing – Hand Analysis – even better.  More useful, memorable, and transformative.

The problem with having your hands read is that there’s a “now what?”  I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times.  The ahas and insights you get are profound but the brain prefers status quo.  So, no matter how excited or motivated you are, implementing your new awareness and goals for living the life you know you are here for, is challenging.  Not impossible but it can be so much easier, and more fun, using my new system.

Right now, it’s under development.  I’m deep in prototypes and testing and hope to be ready by the end of the summer.

It will be worth the wait.