rihanna-tattoos-middle-fingerI’ve been learning lately about Left Saturn – which in non-hand-analysis language – is the left middle finger.  When it comes up in a hand reading as either a Life Purpose or Life Lesson, the conversation typically turns to guilt and self-esteem.  And, more importantly, about whether the readee has enough self esteem to be able to address the inevitable experiences of guilt that will fill their lives.

It might look like doing WAY more for others than needs doing as kind of a preventative technique for guilt avoidance.  Like over-paying, over-promising, over-committing.  It might look like feeling guilty just as a matter of being –  whether you’ve done anything to feel guilty about or not.  Or, it’s possible that someone with a Left Saturn lesson or purpose doesn’t feel guilty ever – for anything.

This video addresses a few of the basics of good self-esteem.  So many nuggets of wisdom in a short 15 minutes that I’m going to have to listen a few more times!  Kemi’s Raw Beauty site is here.

I just can’t finish this post without a thought about the irony of using Rhianna in a post about self-esteem.  Though I’m not much of a celebrity follower, it was hard to miss the uproar about her relationship with Chris Brown.  Who knows what her hands say, but I would bet that learning self-esteem is part of her life path.  Love that she tatoo-ed “love” on the finger that represents exactly that!

Guilt or Self-Esteem?
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