Did you really think there were NO instructions for this crazy, confusing life adventure we’re taking?  Could it really all be just fate – or luck?


When you think about it, doesn’t it make sense that our completely unique to us hands and fingerprints are meaningful and decodable?

What can hand analysis do for me?

It’s a reminder of who you are, who you were, before you got so busy with life.  Before other people’s input, agendas, and expectations for you, however well meaning, distracted you from you and what you want.  Everything that you are curious about – all of your questions about your life’s journey –  purpose, relationships, money, decision-making, personality, etc. – can be answered by reading the map that’s imprinted in your hands.  Knowing what’s in your hands will:

  • help you solve the “who am I and why am I here?” problem that keeps you stuck and unfulfilled
  • show you why some relationships are so challenging, and help you improve them
  • inspire you to go after the things in life that really fill you up rather than going in circles wondering what’s missing
  • highlight your strengths and unique gifts and purpose and just make you feel good about who you are, and where you’re at

Isn’t this just like palm reading or tarot cards or some other kind of intuitive reading?

It isn’t.  At all.  Hand analysis is a stand alone tool that really only needs you and your hands and a well-trained “decoder” to uncover what you are all about.  You don’t even need to comment on the reading as no experienced hand analyst requires input from you to paint a highly accurate picture of your life thus far.  Your insights, though, make for a much more useful and satisfying conversation.

What can I expect to learn?

What we find in your hands is clarity, a better understanding of your life thus far, the experiences – both good and not so good -, your choices and decisions, how relationships work for you, what some of your gifts and talents are as well as some of your blindspots and challenges.  That’s just a start.

What else is there to get from a reading?

Maybe you want to know how to have more love, fun, rest, passion, ease, joy, health, connection.  Do you know how to get those?  Any idea why you don’t have them – or have enough of them – now? Luckily, it’s in your hands.  Most, if not all, of the insight you need.  Why you relate to people the way you do, whether or not you can get the rest you need, what you need to really experience fulfillment and joy. What you could do to live more passionately and enjoy your life more.

Tens of thousands of people have used scientific hand analysis to discover their purposes, enhance their relationships, solve some of their biggest and most important life challenges.  They’ve used it to understand their loved ones, and manage their businesses more effectively.  Everyone who experiences a hand analysis session learns something about themselves that they either didn’t realize before, had not previously understood, or had simply forgotten.  Those who are compelled to, make changes now have the information and confirmation they need to forge ahead.

Look what a Forbes article had to say about it.

So… now to you.  What’s your vision for your life?

Start with a  “Selfie Session”.  Or dive right in to a Full Reading and get all the answers you’re looking for.