So you know you definitely need your hands read, now how do you choose?

Everyone needs something different so…

I’ve got 4 options for you. (with pretty catchy titles).  Well, 4, actually.  The last one involves painting…

The “Map”.  For the do-it-yourself type.

You are one of those eternally curious people, always open to new adventures, wanting to know everything you can about yourself and your life’s journey.  Or maybe there are big life changes or decisions on the horizon, a relationship that’s confusing, or something missing from your life that you just can’t put your finger on.  You don’t need a ton of information, just some direction and insight, clarification of who you are and what you want and need in your life.

This session will give you an overview of both your Soul’s Agenda (your Life Purpose, Life Lesson, Life School) and some of your personality characteristics.  We will  meet in person or over Skype or phone.  You’ll be blown away by what’s in your hands and ready to do whatever’s next!

Let’s do this.


The “IKEA +”.    For the “I could use a little help with this” type.

A 3-pack of goodness.

You’re ready for some shaking up of the status quo, and you know that the map you’re holding in your hands is the key to making that happen.

One Hand Analysis session is an awesome start but it usually leaves you wanting more – just like those Ikea instruction booklets.  We simply can’t fit everything your hands have to offer into one session.  And, if I did, your head would spin.  (Just ask some of the early in my training clients…)

And that’s really the heart and the power of hand analysis.  Delving in, learning more, connecting the dots, and applying it.  Taking action.

This package includes The “IKEA”, plus two more meetings where we’ll discuss what’s most important to you and ensure that you have the understanding and support to implement what you learn.  You might use these sessions for: digging deeper into some part of the initial session, discussing a life transition, managing your career, finding meaning in difficult circumstances, understanding your relationships…

We’ll set a schedule that works for you, ensuring that this fits into your life, and meets your needs.

Sign me up!



The “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About You Complete Owner’s Manual”.

If you want complete clarity on who you are and why you’re here, an understanding of your path thus far, and the ability to plan the rest of your life to ensure that it’s the most fulfilling journey you can imagine…

You’ll get…

Your own Owner’s Manual that we’ll add to each meeting so that you have it always for reference.

Not for the faint of heart, seven, laser-focused sessions designed to delve deeply into important areas of your life, using the reference manual in your hands as a guide. Whatever desires or questions you have, or struggles and frustrations you’re facing, your hands show the way.  You have all the talent and resources – and answers – you need.

The “IKEA” Session which highlights your Soul’s Curriculum.







Followup emails to ensure that you are comfortably integrating your new insights into your life.  Check in with me when you’d like so that I will help you take what you learn and implement those pieces that are most important, most pressing, or most fulfilling into your daily life.

6 months together.  You’re in charge of the schedule so that you can book your sessions based on what’s happening in your life and what’s best for you in the moment.  Seems like a lot, but life goes by so fast, doesn’t it?



Do you love to learn new things, and are eager to see what Hand Analysis can tell you about your life, but would rather do it with a bunch of friends first?

Self Discovery Soiree

If you’re curious but not sure you want to dive right in, why not host a Self Discovery Soiree?  You’ll have a fun, enlightening, interesting evening to talk about with your guests, you’ll learn some Hand Analysis basics, and I’ll read each set of hands for about 10 minutes so you’ll get a taste of what it’s like.  And, as a thank you for getting the group together, you’ll receive either a complimentary, Self Discovery session (10-12 people) or a discount of 25% (6-7 people) or 50% (8-9 people) after your event.



Whether you are a parent, a life partner, or a business partner, there are endless roadblocks to navigate in relationships and endless ways to improve.  Knowing what one another’s challenges and purposes are, how you relate to each other, where you share common attributes and where you differ will increase understanding and decrease conflict. Just as in knowing ourselves creates clarity, understanding those you love is critical in creating and maintaining harmonious relationships.

If you’re excited about booking a Hand Analysis Session right this second, please schedule a session using the link below.  If you’d like a little more information, please click on any of the titles above.  Or, if you are just curious for the time being, subscribe to my newsletter, FingerTips, and receive a HeartLine infographic to get you started.