Probably the biggest challenge that hand clients encounter after they learn their Life Purpose, Life Challenge and/or relationship style is what to do next.  Because even though they know in their hearts and souls that what they’ve heard and learned is accurate, there are myriad blocks and limiting beliefs to embracing themselves fully.


For instance, consider the client with a “spotlight” purpose (here to be acknowledged, appreciated and applauded) who has been taught to be seen and not heard, or that they should be humble.  Or someone with a “Heroic/Stoic” heartline who has never felt that they could put themselves first.

Many of us will have lifetimes of experience with living our opposites – ie. spotlight vs. hiding out, leader vs. follower, heroic/stoic vs. nurturer – and while that feels normal it isn’t natural.  In fact, it means we have maladapted to a behavior or way of being.  That’s why, when you get your hands read there’s an immediate “knowing”, an aha, and then, often, an oh shit.

Because now you can’t discredit, discount or ignore it.  At least not without knowing that there will always be that something missing.

Does it boil down to self-acceptance?  Alexandra Franzen asks “If there were no one left (family, friends, colleagues, boss, pastor, parents, etc) to disappoint, annoy, or upset, who would you be?”  In my mind, self-acceptance would mean that no matter the answer, and no matter the backlash, at least we’d not be judging and criticizing ourselves.

Sounds True is doing a video event starting March 4 on this very topic.  The line up of teachers looks amazing.

Self Acceptance and Awesomeness
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