I’m so sorry, but this isn’t available right now…  I’ll be back in April with an interactive, visual approach to Hand Analysis that you’ll get even more out of.  Stay posted by joining my email list – and receive a Heart Style Handout that you can use to learn more about the love styles of the people in your life.

If you’re curious about Hand Analysis, start with a Selfie Session.  It’s the easiest way to get a sense of the infinite amount of information written in your hands and fingerprints.

Here’s what to expect.   We will spend 15 minutes talking about some aspect of your personality and another 5 discussing whether you and I are a good fit and, if so, planning what’s most important to you and where to go next.  It’s my hope that you are so intrigued by what 15 minutes can show you that you can’t wait for more!

How it works:

cheryls hand

  1. You take a “hand selfie” with your camera, phone or ipad and either email it to me at lori@handanalysis.ca or text it to me, with your name, at 403.975.5978.  Just like the pic on the right.  (Tips for a great selfie:  Find an un-busy background, good light and hold your hand naturally.  Get as close as you can to get your whole hand in. One hand is sufficient but if you want to send both that’s great.)
  2. Then, use the calendar below to book a 20 – 25 minute session.
  3. You call me at your appointed time.

That’s it!  Simple.  And fascinating.

In our busy worlds, where even 30 minutes can sometimes feel hard to fit in (which is crazy but that’s for another time), spending this 30 minutes on who you are will be both interesting and useful, whether you decide you want more or not.  If you’d like to know what happens after the Selfie Session, click here.

And, fear not!  There will be no dire predictions or weird fortune-telling.  Hand Analysis is all about making the most of the present and creating possibility for the future.