This little hand holds so much information.    kid hand

So often, as parents, we wish we had an instruction manual for our kids. To help them be their best selves, to live full and happy lives, to use their strengths effectively, and to navigate their challenges as gracefully as possible.  We want to guide and nurture them – and help them avoid the pitfalls that life inevitably offers.

But, in this world of high expectations and pressures, there’s an even bigger challenge – to help them be themselves, and feel understood and valued for who they are despite the constant pressure and expectations from teachers, coaches, friends, social media, and us.

Having your child’s hands read provides you (and them) with that instruction manual.  You’ll understand their path, their personality, and you’ll know what to expect, and how to help them grow into the person they are meant to be, in a way that you have to experience to appreciate.

You’ll learn:

  • how relationships work best for them, what they need from you, and how they express love most naturally
  • their purpose –  who they are here to be to truly express themselves and their gifts in the world and what challenges they’ll face in living into that
  • about their unique personality traits and how they show up in their lives
  • and so much more

The logistics:

Ages 3 – 14:  You and I will explore your child’s handprints and insights and I will provide you with a comprehensive overview that you can refer to again and again.  If your child is curious, and mature enough to be part of the conversation then we’ll include them.

Ages 14 – up:  How we manage this depends on your child and you.  Teenagers are so hungry to know about themselves and to feel seen and understood.  And often more inclined to be open and engaged when parents aren’t around.  Together, you and they and I will discuss what amount of information we’ll share.  And how we will share it.  Every teen is different and we’ll work together to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Each session includes a recording, a “report card”, and some further reading material.

Book your child’s reading here and I will be in touch to discuss the hows and whens.